Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Arrived at the MTC

Chris and family were up at 4:00 am to head to Sea-Tac airport.

Upon arriving at the airport counter, Chris found that the suitcase he was checking, that had weighed 48 lbs. the night before, had gained 10 lbs while he slept, causing it to be overweight. His options were to pay $90.00 for the overweight bag or to move weight to another suitcase. Since his other suitcase was already in Utah he had to move the weight to a carry-on bag. Since Chris had not packed a carry-on bag, bath towels and blue jeans were quickly transfered to a reusable Costco bag that Mom had in the back of her van.

Chris made it through tightened security relatively quickly with his Costco bag only to find out that his flight was delayed an hour-and-a-half by snow at the airport in Salt Lake City. Chris called the MTC to let them know of the delay. He evidently was not the only inbound missionary impacted.

Chris' Uncle, David Ely and family met Chris at the airport with his other suitcase onboard and headed for the MTC, arriving less than an hour late. He quickly said goodbyes, handed-over his cell phone and headed for check-in with his 2 suitcases and his Costco Bag.

We received an email from the MTC this evening confirming his arrival and providing his mailing address which is now posted.

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