Monday, December 13, 2010

Enviro log fires with their eyes all a'glow...

Dear family,

So last night we put the fireplace to good use. We were cheap and decided to buy our firewood from Grocery Outlet. We settled on the $2 option, Enviro-log. It is a 100% recycled cardboard/wax fire product good for three hours of fire. It worked. We had a nice toasty apartment. We didn't really need the heat; it's been in the fifties and sixties. None-the-less, we had fun. It was a test run for Christmas Eve.

We have been busy, busy, busy. We continue to find new investigators which is something we desperately need. We even were able to get one to church. This has been a big challenge. Everybody in this area seems to work on Sundays. Jobs are a lot harder to come by for Latinos than they were in Redwood City.

I can't believe that we are entering the last week of this transfer. Elder Russel and I were talking about it. It is amazing how fast time flies by. Before you know it I will be calling you on Christmas Day (probably sometime between 11 and 1).

Something that we find very interesting about this area is the large Christmas displays. It's as if the people here in California are trying to compensate for the lack of snow and evergreen. We had the opportunity to see deacon daves house (google it). It is massive. It reminds me of a Christmas story that Mom would read every year about a never ending competition of lights. I would hate to see the electric bill at Deacon Daves.

I am still working on Christmas Cards. It takes me a while to write each one, so I should get another batch out this Preparation day.

Dad, thanks for the card. I read it just after I threw away a pair of "holy" socks. What do you do now that you can't accuse me of stealing your socks?



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