Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We keep going, and going, and going....

Dear Family,

I send you my love from Gilroy. I expected to find out about a new cousin. I guess not yet. It really isn't one of those things you can force.

We have been yet again busy beyond belief. Last week we were into exchange mode. This time I brought Elders into my area for the exchange. Exchanges are always interesting. I get so attached to my area that I prefer when I can stay. I have always had great companions, but always feel anxious leaving my area. I guess it is a stewardship thing. I still feel responsible for anything that happens in my area even while I am on exchange. We finished off the week with a zone leader council in San Jose. I am still getting used to leadership. The weirdest part is the amount of communication that happens between us and President Jackson. We receive phone calls or place phone calls to him multiple times a week. The struggle is always about communicating information to the missionaries down the line.

Our work has been going well. We have had to drop the majority of our teaching pool. It was needed. We have been needing to spend more of our time finding and dealing with our progressing investigators. We saw a lot of progress yesterday. We had an appointment in the middle of our Preparation day with Andreaz and Nancy a young couple that is related to our ward mission leader. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. It was an awesome lesson. One of the best of the transfer. They committed to going to church and talked about how they had been thinking about baptism non stop for the last two weeks. They said that they just want to go to church before they commit to baptism. The tough part is that they will be moving to Fresno March 28. With the help of the Lord we are hoping to baptize them on the 26th and line up the Fresno ward to receive them with open arms as they move down there. We are really excited because we thought that a lack of contact had allowed bad influences to change their minds. They have been reading and praying and receiving answers. They even talked about how they let in missionaries from other churches (testigos) teach them this last week. They realized that the spirit is there when we teach, but not there when they listen to others. Yay for the Spirit.

I have been busy sending cards. I realize I have been behind on writing since I left Livermore. If you have any suggestions of people to write, let me know. I should be better with a little reminder.


Elder Badger

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