Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time's a Flyin'

Greetings from the MTC,

Another week already. This week I've been blessed with the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir. I'm not sure it's my companion Elder Louk's favorite activity, but I drag him along anyway. I have to help him to sing in tune; fortunately, he needs less help each time we practice. There are benefits to the choir, all of which can be explained in a parable I've written. This is how I've convinced Elder Louk that choir is a good thing.

Once there were ten missionaries in the MTC. There were five always ready, always smart, always make-the-Elders-pale-in-comparison Sister Missionaries. There were also ive Elders who... well.... when compared to the Sisters they were paled (what a weird phrase anyway). The sisters, knowing that general authorities frequently speak at the MTC firesides were prepared with note cards, scriptures, "Preach My Gospel", and spots in the choir. As the hour of the fireside drew near the sisters took their place in the choir near the general authorities. The five elders being unprepared, sauntered in with only their scriptures. Unfortunately, the auditorium was full and the five unwise elders were forced to watch from the overflow.

As you can see, this parable would make an effective teaching tool. I'm even considering adapting it to teach a gospel principle, maybe about the Savior's coming. What do you think?

In other news, my Spanish is progressing. I find it to be much easier if I don't think about it as much and just open my mouth (imagine that). I find reading the Book of Mormon to be very helpful as I am able to accurately translate much of what is being said. It is way different to learn Spanish in the MTC when compared to high school. Any word is fair game. My limited vocabulary is frustrating for someone as verbally inclined as myself.

About my district... My district is amazing. We have 8 Elders and 4 Hermanas. Our district includes quite a few missions. We have two going to San Jose, Elder Louk and myself, and three going to the same mission in Chile. The rest are going to far flung places such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Montreal. The rest of my zone is comprised of Advanced districts, which is made up of native speakers that only stay in the MTC for 3 weeks. The rest are intermediate missionaries like myself.

Our teachers: Our favorite teacher is Hermano Vasquez. He is a five foot nothing Honduran that has the best accent we have ever heard. I tried to explain to him what a badger was, even using the Spanish word, Tejón, to help. The nearest I can come to explaining it is a cross between a large black and white squirrel without a big tail and a skunk. Even better is the way he pronounces it. Our favorite thing for him to say in English is. "Jolly Rancher, Badger!" which sounds more like "Holy ransher Bashjer!" I wish I could say more, but we only get a half hour on the computer. I also wish I could send pictures, but the computers here won't let you even if you have a cable.

Buena Suerte,

Elder Badger

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