Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Devine Devotionals


Another amazing week has come and gone. I've heard some amazing speakers and learned a lot form their teachings. I must say, my parable of the 10 missionaries proved itself useful last Tuesday. Elder Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve spoke to us on the basic principles of the Restored Gospel. He reminded me of the simplicity of the Gospel. I love hearing apostles speak because I always feel strongly that God really does love his children and has blessed our lives with a church modeled after Christ's church. Sunday night we were blessed to hear from Sister Susan Easton Black. She knows more about the prophet Joseph Smith than anyone else I've ever met. Hearing her speak reminded me of religion classes at BYU. Although these classes had difficult tests, I forgot how much I actually enjoyed these types of lectures. It was nice to hear about Joseph Smith's life leading up to the First Vision. Like most good professors, she ended when we were still eager to hear more.

In less exciting news, our district was a little sad to see the native speaking district leave. They entered the same day as us, but were only in the MTC for three weeks. I will miss the opportunity to practice my Spanish.

We also have begun to challenge ourselves by speaking "solamente en Espanol." We do this during specific class periods. If someone speaks in English they get a yellow card. If they speak in English a second time they get a red card and have to bring candy for the entire class the next day. Yesterday, four red cards were passed out. Fortunately, I have yet to receive so much as a yellow card.

Please let anyone that wishes to write me know that DearElder or snailmail is currently superior to email because it is free and I can read them during the week. This gives allows me to use my thirty minutes of email time for more writing and less reading.

A little about P-day... P-day begins at 6:30 AM like another day. We get up, do some personal study, grab breakfast, study more, then attend the temple at 10 AM. We then return to the campus for lunch, laundry and letter writing. At 5:15 P-day ends with choir practice. Finally, at 7 we conclude the day with a devotional from someone such as Elder Perry or another well known member of the church. It's amazing how fast this day goes. We use every minute. It really is a day of preparation though. It enables us to go through the other six days without having to worry about things like laundry.

I hope all is well and feel blessed to be serving at this time. I know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing at this time. I'm anxious to enter the field and begin applying all of the things they teach us at the MTC. Love you all.


Elder Badger

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