Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Week Come and Gone

Dear family,

I am glad to hear that Kate has survived another semester at BYU. I'm glad that you enjoyed mission prep. Many of the things I learned in that class have helped me as I have sought the Spirit in teaching. We had an experience that has demonstrated to me how important the Spirit is in conversion. It really is the third member of our companionship. Miracles happened with the aid of the Spirit. So often people truly hearing the gospel is dependent on them opening up their hearts to the Spirit. Like it says in Alma 32 if they will give the seed of faith a little bit of soil to grow in it can be nurtured by the Spirit and grow into true conversion. The number of parables related to faith, seeds, and the Spirit are great. I now know why Grandpa likes botany.

Much of this weeks experience is contained in a letter I sent home last week. I am very excited to call home on Mother's Day, not because I am homesick, but because I am anxious to tell you about the baptisms we will have had by then. We should have our first baptism on the first of May, two more on eighth, and at least one more on the twenty-second. We are very excited. We have gained more area and are now using a little area along Middlefield referred to as Little Michoacan. When we work in Little Michoacan we feel as if we are in Mexico. All we hear is Spanish. I didn't know places like this existed in the United States.

We are also glad that the weather is finally brightening. This means that Carne Asada season is in full bloom. You can smell the meat grilling everywhere we go. We were amazed that we hadn't had any taco's during my first month in the area. This has changed. the last three nights have been tacos, tacos, and tacos. It's a good thing I like them.

I hope you get that letter very soon. The experiences we had on that day were amazing. I will not forget the miracles we witnessed that day.


Elder Badger

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