Monday, April 12, 2010

One Transfer Down

Dear Family,

I can't believe it's already been a full transfer. I have been blessed and will stay with Elder Tidwell this next transfer. We even get to keep the same area plus gain a small Latin pocket we affectionately refer to as Little Michocan (a city in Mexico). An added blessing, we get to keep the same apartment. I'm kind of spoiled with an indoor parking space, a view of downtown Redwood City, and granite counter tops. It will be hard adjusting to an Elder's apartment whenever I get transferred. We are a little bummed because our District Leader, Elder Pitcher is getting transferred. I actually knew his cousins, the Snow's from Camp Helaman. His uncle is Dr. Snow in the Olympia Stake. He's Canadian which is forgivable. The Stanford's single ward will miss him.

Speaking of the Stanford's single wards. I've been on a few exchanges with the Elder's that cover the university. I've learned two things from this experience. One, take dating advice from the Stanford Singles First ward, it's a marriage factory. Two, don't take advice from the Stanford Singles Second ward, the twenty-five and up ward. From the second ward I've received advice such as, "Roses are better than dates because their cheaper, easier, and the girls like them better." I'm not sure I will be following this tidbit of wisdom when I begin dating again.

One of my new talents I have developed on my mission is readily switching back and forth from Spanish to English. It's amazing how much we have to do this especially when bridging the communication gap that often exists in Latino families consisting of first and second generation immigrants. We even find our Spanish handy in places like Jack in the Box. It really helps when you want to order a "Yumbo Yack."

I can't believe how fast time has been going by. I have been pleased to hear that Kate is successfully dominating Brigham Young University. I sounds like your hard work has been "vale la pena." Are you flying back or driving? I hope all is well. We have been having a wonderful time here. We have a full functioning area now and hope to harvest this transfer.

Con Amor,

Elder Badger

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