Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gilroy is great!!!!

Dear Family,

First off, let me tell you that it smells like Garlic. A lot of garlic.

We have had a great week. Since arriving we found six new investigators and have been teaching a ton of lessons. It feels great to be busy. We are even busier because we have zone conference on wednesday (tomorrow). Between all of the lessons and the preparation work, we are swamped. I love it.

Much of the mission focus is on getting each companionship to baptize monthly. If we can do this, the mission would double what we are achieving now. It really isn't beyond reach when we think of it that way. The Los Angeles mission achieved this benchmark last year, we can start doing it soon.

Elder Cornaby is great. It is the first time Ihave been with an older missionary since I was trained by Elder Tidwell. I forgot how much fun it is to teach with a missionary that has a lot of time out. We should see a lot of miracles. He wants to end his mission in April baptizing. We are currently set to baptize on the weekend of the 20th. I can't wait.

I hope all is well with you all. It is interesting to note the differences in areas. Gilroy is chalk full of Latino's. It has an advanage because it is very close to San Jose, but is fairly inexpensive in terms of cost of living. This makes it a great place to be a Spanish missionary.

The Gavelin Branch has the fire. They are eager to become a ward and receive the blessings that come from being a ward. If all continues to go well, they could make the change by the end of this year. I am eager to help them do so.


Elder Badger

PS We are in car. WooooHoooo!!!! I don't have to buy another bike.

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