Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elder Gavarret Visit

Dear Family,
We just got back from a meeting with Elder Gavarret of the First Quorum of the Seventy. It was a very good meeting. I especially liked the opportunity we had to discuss with Elder Gavarret some mission specific issues in a special zone leader meeting.  We are eagerly trying to push the mission to new levels.  He feels that we can baptize more than 100 people monthly.  We were all in agreement. It has been a vision of this mission for quite some time now.  The first step to making it happen will require us to increse the faith of the missionaries we serve.  I desperately want to see it happen before the end of my mission.  Elder Gavarret believes it is very possible.
The rest of the week has gone well.  We are preparing for a baptism this Saturday.  Juan Moreno is scheduled to be baptized.  All we have left is to size him for the suit and have his interview and he is ready.  We are very excited.  He is a referral from a recent convert family.  I feel like this area has really taught me to work with the members.  All of our success has come from the members desire to share the gospel with their friends.  They really understand the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing to see it at work in their lives. 
This last week we taught our missionaries how to be "swiss army missionaries" in regards to finding.  Nothing happens until we find people to teach,. It is the very first step in the conversion process.  To illustrate our example, we had three missionaries pick a utensil (knife, spoon, or fork).  We then placed a dish in front of each missionary. The missionary with the fork had to eat soup, while the one with the knife was forced to eat noodles, finally the spoon holder was left to dice an orange.  We then illustrated the example further by giving them all of the utensils.  As missionaries, we must be creative, flexible, and comfortable using all of our resources.  As we develop these skills within the mission we will really begin to reach the goals which we have set.
Elder Badger

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