Monday, November 14, 2011

The Perfect Week...

Dear Family,
I am sure you have noticed the polarity in my emails from one week to the next.  It's not me. Missions are roller coaster rides without seat belts. 
This last week brought some welcome changes and improvements to our work. We began teaching a part-member family.  We are doing the majority of the teaching in a family home evening setting which is my favorite way to teach.  We taught about prophets and apostasy by playing a little game of prophet blind man's bluff.  The kids always like that we end up using our neck ties as the blindfolds. 
Along with this addition to our teaching pool, we have been teaching many lessons and talking to everyone we run into in the street.  We evaluated what we were doing and realize that we were doing everything "Preach My Gospel" says to do.  It took a little patience, but our work took a step forward this last week.
We are doing something a little different in the week to come in the San Jose zone.  We are shooting for the "Perfect Week."  As a zone every companionship is aiming to talk to twenty people a day and teach twenty lessons a week.  These are two numbers within our control as missionaries. Our hope is that we can have a "white" Christmas in the zone by filling our teaching pool now before the start of the holiday season.  Almost all of the companionships already have the lessons set. We have the busiest week planned yet.  My planner is painted black with appointments.  If all things go well, we should teach close to thirty lessons. It would bring the boost we need to have a great holiday season.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we already have several invites.  The member family asked us to bring an apple pie.  We will do our best to see what we can do.  Some interesting pictures may result from our pie baking endeavours.
I love you all and hope all is well.
Elder Badger

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