Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Half way There


I'm halfway there. I now have exactly four weeks until I board a plane for San Jose. I can't wait until I can finish hearing about baptizing without getting my feet wet. Even though they keep us under lock and key, I have begun to teach an elderly lady over the phone. I was able to teach her the whole first lesson over the phone. She even committed to being baptized. The only problem is... she still doesn't have a Book of Mormon...yet. The missionaries in Alabama are supposed to contact her so they can get her to read it. It's pretty exciting. Also, you will be pleased to learn that I have made referral center calls to people in Lakewood. All three calls ended in answering machines, but I knew that if they were home they would have been escogido.

Mom, you'll have to tell your cousin Deena know I ran into Elder Horton. I think we have the same gym.

Now to learn about the most dangerous place for missionaries. Brother Vasquez has taught us that the most dangerous place for a missionary is at church. It is at church that the "devils in skirts" are able to corner you. This was apparent this week as we had to help protect an elder in our district from a Hermana Satana. She is a very good conversationalist, which makes her very bad for elders. Needless to say, being a missionary reminds me of the days when girls had cooties.

This week my Spanish has been progressing in leaps and bounds. I have learned that memorizing scriptures can be very helpful for applying complex grammar principles because it allows me to have an instant reference available in my head. So far, I have memorized my purpose as a missionary, the first vision, Doctrine and Covenants 4, and the first four Articles of Faith. It's been paying off because I am now able to teach the first two lessons in Spanish.

I've really been clad to receive Grandpa's letters, especially his last one about Grandma. It really made me realize how a mission can change the lives of the converts, the lives of the members and the missionaries.

In other news, I have become the pianist for our zone's priesthood meeting. I think I play one of the liveliest renditions of Hope of Israel in the entire MTC. Sister Feller would be proud. Also, I have begun to lead a musical number composed of the missionaries in my district. I have been working to arrange the song "Nearer My God to Thee" using both accapella voices and piano. It's pretty simple, but will be perfect for our last sacrament meeting before we leave the MTC.


Elder Badger

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