Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I Want That"

Hola familia,

I apolgize that my last email didn't go through last week. The email service that we are required to use is a bit temperamental. I'm excited to be departing the MTC exactly two weeks from today. Next week I should have my travel plans and will share with you the itenerary. I can't wait to get out in the real world with real investigators, real air, and real work. I've done a fair amount of teaching over the phone and role playing, but nothing will be better than actual missionary experience.

In fact, I currently have two investigators progressing towards baptisim. It has been amazing; both investigators, Andrea and Carolyn, comitted to being baptized the first time I contacted them. There really are people waiting to hear the gospel. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call. We even have a few sayings for these type of people. One is escogido, which means elect. Another phrase coined in our district is the "I want thats." Make sure you say it with a southern drawl because that was how it was said the first time we heard it over the phone. A member of my district, Elder Wilkins from Maine, called a lady who he challenged to being baptized. She said that she had already been baptized as a baptist. He then explained the importance of proper priesthood authority and its role in baptism. She was a little surprised that she hadn't heard it before and simply said, "I want that." He then talked about the blessings that would come to her life for making this decision. She said, "I want that, too." Talk about prepared. She now is set to be baptized on the 28th by the missionaries in Alabama.

I hope all is well on the homeward front. Things are good here. I still find it very strange to run into people from BYU. Even weirder is running into people I dated at one point. Buenos Suerte back home. If anyone wants to update me about the Olympics the update would be much appreciated.


Elder Badger

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