Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Delusions of Girlfriends


Greetings from week six of the MTC. I can't believe it's been that long. Already, we have begun practicing a musical number to perform immediately prior to our departure. Even more exciting is the fact that the only district senior to us is leaving this week. This means we're on the top of the totem pole and get to host new missionaries tomorrow.

Now for my observation of the week; delusions are part of being a missionary. As I've watched missionaries talk about girls they've left behind, I have noticed peculiar growth in the strenght of their respective relationships. Observe the following pattern. Week 1: Elder Dear John says he was smart and decided not to leave a girl. Week 2: Elder Dear John says he has girls that are friends he will write. Week 3: There is potential to be more than friends after the mission. Week 4:She's not waiting, but they will date when he returns. Week 5: she's waiting but dating in the meantime. Week 6: She wouldn't date anyone else. Week 7: They're probably getting married. As you can see, my district is entering week 7. Wish us luck. Just be glad I'm only at the week 1.5 stage. FHEESTERS and home teachees make up the point five.

Another update for the week. Our favorite game to play is a Spanish game called "El Rey." You shoul look it up because I probably won't do it justice. It involves a circle of chairs with a king chair followed by a queen chair and then a one, two, three, and so forth chair. It begins with El Rey. He says: "El Rey quiere casarse con LA REINA" La reina: "con LA REINA" El Rey: "Si, y entonces con quien?" La Reina: "con el DOS" and then it continues as it is passed around in that manner. If you laugh, you are demoted to the lowest ranking seat, in our case 14. It soon turns into a game of funny voices and faces as we try to make someone laugh. I'm currently the owner of "La Reina," but the king will soon be dethroned.

Have a great Valentine's Day

Con Amor,

Elder Badger

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