Monday, September 20, 2010


Hola familia,

I am doing well in Livermore. Things are continuing to improve. We have been teaching many lessons and really seeking to get the branch involved heavily with the missionary work. We know that all of the hard work will pay off soon.

This last week we had a mission conference with Elder Golden. It was very interesting. He is the type of person that can expound on four verses of scriptures for three hours. He did just that. It was very interesting. I felt like a learned a lot. I can't imagine how somebody can be that smart. I was amazed by the deftness with which he completely pulled apart a scripture, dissected it, then put it back together into one cohesive thought. Being from South Africa, he frequently used words like "cheeky" and "Balderdash." Needless to say, we were all entertained as well.

Much of his focus was on the choices we made that put us here at this time in this place. It really made me appreciate just how special everybody is. Even though we get frustrated with ourselves, other missionaries, and investigators, we must remember that they are our brothers and sisters.

Everything else is going well for us. We have had to teach some pretty tough lessons. Namely, the Law of Chastity. It's a hard lesson to teach when you know somebody has a problem with it. Luckily, I was on exchange with my district leader, who speaks Spanish, he helped out immensely. Also, the member we brought was able to offer a wonderful testimony about how he had been blessed through his marriage. Fortunately, our investigator didn't drop us and is praying about the commandment. The next obstacle we have is helping her accept baptism. It is much harder to teach the Law of Chastity before somebody accepts baptisms. I am saying a lot of prayers for her right now.

I have begun to receive letters from friends at BYU who were away for the summer. I can't believe BYU is stinking it up so bad. What happened? Anyway, I can worry about that in two years. It is nice to hear from old friends. As I grow older, the world shrinks. I keep running into missionaries that know mutual friends. For example, my zone leader saw a wedding announcement I received from an old roommate. The roommate married someone from his freshman ward. I guess the BYU bubble spreads to San Jose as well.

I am glad to hear that all is well in Lakewood.


Elder Badger

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