Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lots of Lessons!

Dear family,

I survived transfers. I am still in Livermore with Elder Trent. The only real change that will happen this transfer is a new apartment. I am glad for this. I like living with another companionship, but it can make it difficult to focus on the work. It also makes studying a little bit more distracting. I will be glad when we finally move. Rumor has it the new apartment is a sister's apartment. I'm not sure if that means granite counter tops, but I have heard from a reliable source that there is a fireplace.

This week has been busy with many lessons. We have some investigators that are really getting close to baptism. Unfortunately, they haven't accepted baptismal dates yet. This is something that I don't like at all. We are working very hard to change it. When these people do get baptized, it will happen fast. We are really hoping that General Conference will help these investigators prepare for baptism.

As always, the week also had its trouble. We had some investigators drop us because of family situations. It is always a tough situation when the family is in opposition to the missionaries. There isn't a whole lot we can do. One of these investigators even told us that he wanted to get baptized, however, his wife was opposed to the idea. It isn't anything too new. It just means we need to get out there and find the people that are ready to receive us. They are out there. It will take faith to find them, but we can do it.

Also, this is a note to all cousins. I have sent cards this last week. They should be arriving tomorrow or the next day. Please notice that I said I would pay any dentist bills for cavities for Halloween. Please take note that this was a typographical error. The cards should read that Uncle David (Ely) will pay for all dental bills incurred through an excess intake of sucrose within the weeks leading and following Halloween.

Also, to Lizzy... (For Lizzy's eyes only ;)


Elder Christopher Badger

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  1. Dear Elder Badger,

    You write really great letters. We appreciate them so very much. Your Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tony have just left for New York where the had planned to spend the next few days with Morgan and Ray; however, Ray has just been transferred to August GA and must report to his new post in about two weeks.

    I am just finishing Clive Cussler's Treasure of Khan. I enjoy it because the setting is Mongolia. Someday I hope that Rita and I can serve a mission in Mongolia.

    We love you and wish you success. I have made a large loaf of chive and rosemary bread for your mom's birthday. Now the task is to try to find out where she is and when she will be home. It is due to come out of the oven in ten minutes.

    Have a great week,


    Grandpa and Rita