Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall is Falling

Dear family,

It was very good to get so many letters this last week. Aunt Debbie, sent some pretty sweet postcards from New York and I am glad to have a Joke Patrol headquartered in Salt Lake City. I have been in desperate need of one. I also got a letter from my roommate in Argentina. All the mail is making the other missionaries in the apartment a little jealous. Don't worry, keep it coming.

We received notice last night that our apartment will be receiving a fifth missionary. It's getting pretty cozy in our place. I am excited to make the move to our new apartment which will actually be within our proselyting area. It is a bit of a drag to have to bike to your area everyday.

The work continues to progress, but we really need to find some new investigators. We have one that is getting really close to really close. We don't let it frustrate us, but we keep praying and reminding him of his commitments to pray and read the Book of Mormon. Hopefully he gets an answer to his prayers this week. He has had all the lessons except for a few commandments.

We have been forced to drop more investigators that started to avoid us. Sometimes it's difficult for people to understand why we give commitments and why they should keep them. The investigators that are really ready for baptism do everything they can to keep their commitments and really show their desire to follow Jesus Christ.

I love you all.


Elder Badger

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