Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Un devocional magnifico!!!

Dear Family,
Last night was our stake missionary devotional with Elder Robert Packer, the area authority for the mission.  He talked about simple ways that members can invite their friends and do missionary work. I liked a lot of the points. 
One thing we can do to be better missionaries is invite our friends to church. 50% of all that come to church end up getting baptized.  80% that attend baptismal services get baptized.  We can invite our friends to these and other activities.  17% of all that get a tour of our church buildings get baptized. By inviting our friends to simple activities we can break down the stereotypes and open their minds to what we believe. 
Another thing he talked about was the way that we can turn comments into invitations.  For example, a coworker challenges that "you have too many rules in your church."  A simple way you can share the gospel is by inviting him to check out your mormon.org profile or by inviting him to a ward activity where he can meet about 300 people that are happy to explain why they like living those rules.
We are really hoping to use the devotional's momentum to carry the work forward in the San Jose South Zone. It was an awesome experience.
Elder Badger
PS Happy Birthday Mom.  I hope you have something fun planned. 

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