Monday, October 3, 2011

The Busiest Week Ever....

Dear family,
I will give you an idea of our week.  Monday-Meeting with the mission department; Tuesday-Work day' Wedensday-Temple day' Thursday-Work day' Friday-Zone leader council; Saturday-Conference; Sunday-Conference and Outgoing fireside.
Despite all of the meetings and commitments, we are happy.  We especially enjoyed our trip to the temple on Wednesday.  The member that gave us the ride is the former bishop of the Los Alamitos ward. He was just called as the second counselor in the Oakland Temple Presidency.  I may have mentioned before that Maria Franco chose him to be her "Padrino" (look that one up, some traditions die hard) and baptize her. 
Luckily, this upcoming week is calmer.  We are focussing on teaching members to generate referrals. All of the members want to do missionary work, but sometimes don't know how. Our plan is to build their confidence in us by teaching them the missionary lessons. As they see that we are good teachers, we will see success. It is one of the best ways to do missionary work and see success. 
I am planning on returning to the Morgan Hill Zone this next weekend for the baptism of Jesus Leon.  I am iterested to see what how Elder Smoot is going to perform the ordinance. Jesus suffered an insdustrial accident a while back and has four pins goming out of his leg.  I am sure that there is some way they can manage the baptism.
All in all, our work is progressing well. We are happy and see the work improving.  We are talking to everyone because we know that there are brothers and sisters ready to recieve the gospel.  Sometime they call us(Dina), sometimes we find them changing tires(Jose Luis), and other times they don't even know that they are looking(Maria Franco).  I have yet to find two investigators the exact same way. As we open our mouths, something unique about our message is carried to their hearts through the spirit.
Elder Badger

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