Monday, October 24, 2011

Lots of Lessons....

Dear Family,
This week we really put our focus into planning for our movie night and teaching lots of lesson.  As a result, we were able to teach 15 lessons this last week. We are very happy.  Teaching is my favorite thing to do. It's also the best way to further the work along. People change as they feel the spirit work within their lives. Even members appreciate feeling the spirit during the lessons.
We have been getting ready for a specialized training that will be happening later this week.  Think of it like missionary charm school.  A handful of companionships will learn everything from etiquette to teaching skills.  We are in charge of conducting the preach my gospel evaluation.  It should be a way to better help young missionaries focus their studies and strengthen their understanding of the principles contained in "Preach My Gospel."
I can't believe that this week is the time to register for BYU classes.  Although, I have to begin to think about life after the mission, I am pushing strong to the end. We are hoping to baptize a complete family by the end of the year and will make every sacrifice we need to make to achieve the goal. 
Our movie night went very well and was a huge step towards spreading the missionary fire among the members.
On Saturday I returned to Morgan Hill for the baptism of Jesus Leon. It was nice to see him again and say hi to all of the members I left behind in Gilroy. President DeSalmones gave us a ride from his house to Morgan Hill. I even got to say hi to Elder Smoot and Maria Franco while there. Both are doing well.  Fortunately, I will be returning in two weeks for Angel's baptism.  I look forward to it.

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