Monday, January 10, 2011

Another busy week...

Dear Family,

First off, may I remind you all that I love you a monton. That's Spanish for heap.

This week has been very busy. It's been colder than all get out, but not too bad. Carmex keeps our lips from getting chapped, but and everybody says our hands are cold even though we wear gloves.

We continue to find new investigators which is awesome. I really want to get this are to the point where it is baptizing monthly. We are just about to that point. February should be a really good month for us if all goes well.

Now for the first bit of news. As I already told you, Sister Mills has been transferred to Lakewood. I told her she missed out on an awesome Christmas Eve. She has heard that it is one of the best areas in the Tacoma mission. Hopefully she finds out that all the talk is true.

Secondly, my companionship is getting changed around a little bit. Elder Russell and I are still together, but we will have a third missionary with us this afternoon. It should last until transfers. I will be honest and say that I don't exactly think tripanionships are the best for missionary work, but I will make the best of it. It is really hard to teach when there are so many missionaries. It gets even harder when we involve members in our lessons because it means that we have four people we are bringing into an investigators home.

On the bright side, it does get us out of the cold for the next three weeks and puts us into a car. That will be a little nice. Elder Russell made the comment yesterday that it took until priesthood for the circulation in his feet to finally kick in after riding our bikes to church that morning.

I am glad you are well. I have especially loved all of the Christmas cards I received lately. I ran into someone in the English ward that knows Grandpa and Brian Norton. I guess he was baptized into the singles branch in the early nineties. His name is Jerry Holst or Hurtz. I don't exactly remember. I gave him Grandpa's number and told him to call him.

Also, I was on exchange with the Zone Leaders this week and had the chance to teach a lesson on inviting friends to church to the Badger family. I really wish I knew my genealogy going back to the pioneers. This is the second area I have served in with a Badger family.

Valentin continues to progress. We finished teaching him all of the required lessons for baptism. He is still set for the 22nd of January. It looks like he should make it. It has been really cool to see the changes he has made since we knocked his door. He has overcome a drinking problem and has told us that he now believes in God. He even wants to serve a mission. He is 24, but should still be able to if he remains active over the next year.


Elder Badger

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