Monday, January 24, 2011

Me bane en cueros

Dear Family,

This week was pretty darn good. We baptized!!!! That makes it really good. Valentin's baptisms went very well. It was simple. He looked very happy during the whole thing. He told me after I pulled him out of the water, "Bien Mojado, pero limpio" (very wet, but clean). I forgot how good it feels to baptize. It had been a while. Way too long.

The good news is that we have two other baptisms scheduled for February with a possible third if we can find Ernesto a job. It should be a god month for us. We really would like to see more of our brothers and sisters enter the water as we work on building the Mocho Branch.

Now, to explain the title of this email. So..when we were filling the baptismal font we realized that the drain plug o-ring wasn't quite in place. By the time we realized it, the font had about two and half feet of water and the baptisms was supposed to start in 45 minutes. As usual, I was the one who saved the day. Heroically, I locked the door and stripped down to.. well.. to the point that there was nothing left to strip off. I put the o-ring in place and the font resumed filling. My clothes were dry, the baptismal font was filled, and no one in the Mocho branch was any the wiser.

The branch already has plans to use Valentin as soon as possible. He has home teachers and will get a returned missionary to show him how to begin home teaching others. We are hoping for a calling very soon. We have been doing everything we can to make sure that he stays active in the church for a long time, no matter whether he ends up serving a mission our not.

Oh, just in case you're wondering. All of my oncology blood work came back normal. No worries.

I hope all is well with you. I pray for you daily.


Elder Badger

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