Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a year!!!!!

Dear Family,

I am now entering middle age as a missionary. If you think of each six months as the equivalent of twenty years, I just hit my fortieth birthday. That makes me ancient (sorry to those of you over forty). Luckily, I feel like I am just beggining to get wise. Our lessons continue to improve. We have a large teaching pool of 14 people. This is a welcome change from a teaching pool of two some six weeks ago. We are really working to get our investigators to church, but have had some trouble doing so.

Fortunately, our best investigator, Valentin, continues to progress well. He came to church for the fourth time and has been keeping the Word of Wisdom for over four weeks now. He is to the point that he can be baptized at any moment. He is scheduled for January 22, 2011, but we may talk to him about moving up his date one week. We don't want to really push because he has been doing so well. He is twenty-four and expressed a desire to serve a mission. When we heard this, we were ecstatic. How great would it be to have a recent convert serving a mission. It would really change his life. He comes from a background of "guerilleros" (guerilla fighters). He has always wanted to avoid this family business and asked us if a mission would help him change his life. Of course it will.

We found another family this week. Our teaching pool consists of three families and a few individuals; however, we have had some trouble coordinating lessons with our families. As you know families are very busy, which makes it very hard to get in appointments twice a week. Weekly appointments are just as difficult.

Things are even better. Some members have some referrals for us. A few of them even came to church. We have appointments this week. This is the type of help missionaries love. These will be the first real referrals I have seen since arriving in Livermore. I never thought it would take this long to build the area to this point, but things are going very well. Despite the brief slowdown for the holidays, our work is accelerating.


Elder Badger

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